“Pool and Chicken is AH-MAZING! I’ve never eaten anywhere were else that has a menu full of wonderful  local, delicious food.  Ask for the P3 special.  You'll never look at an outdoor shower the same. 

– Ayden Johnson


“I love this place: good pool, great food and awesome customer service. Menoodle Jim is the best waiter ever!  My Saturday’s are always spent hanging out with my friends on the patio at Pool and Chicken.” 

–  The Godmother


“The food and beer is out of the world, but I would be a fool to not tell you how awesome the staff is at Pool and Chicken. If you yell BONES BONES BONES, they'll magically bring you more chicken!.” 

– Keith Gates


 " I love all the fireworks.  Every single one is my favorite. " 



Our Story

Customer Raves

I used to own a fine dining restaurant.   After watching a particular movie under the stars, I realized that all people wanted was pool and chicken.  I'm not sure how I came up with the name for the place, but Pool and Chicken seemed natural.   After a year or two, I also realized that people wanted something to drink when they were playing pool, or eating chicken.  So I added beer.   Enjoy.